Recirculated Water Fish Production

Recirculated Water Fish Production

Recirculated Water Fish Production

Fish production system with recirculated water

Semi-industrial RAS composed of 10 tanks of 6 m3 each. Production: 7 t of trout per year

Technical description

Semi-industrial RAS (20-25 kg feed/day). Composed by 2 biological filters, a biological moved bed by a compressor (120 m3/s) and a drum filter with 60 μm mesh. The 10 production basins are equipped with automatic on-demand feed distributors. It is possible to record the feeding behaviour of fish

Remote monitoring and control

Measurement of new and recirculated water flows, continuous measurement of O2, pH, redox couple, CO2, and temperature


Natural temperature (5-23°C)


Automatically monitored and manually adjusted


Managed by addition of corrector (sodium bicarbonate) and continuously monitored


Barrage du Drennec
29450 Sizun, France
Phone: +33 2 98 68 89 36

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