Objectives and Missions

Objectives and Missions

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The research to which PEIMA contributes aims to provide knowledge to the fish-production sector to help it respond to emerging social demands such as:

  • animal welfare
  • respect for the environment (innovative production systems)
  • product quality (dietary, organoleptic)
Grow tanks
Rainbow trout

The 3 missions of PEIMA

Establishing and performing experiments

The facility managed by PEIMA, the specific characteristics and uniqueness of its tools, and the skills of its personnel allow many scientific protocols to be performed at all life-cycle stages, from the egg to the final product.

Producing and disseminating biological materials for rainbow trout

PEIMA supports and participates in the conservation and characterisation of INRA's aquatic genetic resources. A mirror site has been developed at Lées Athas, an INRA experimental facility in the Pyrénées. PEIMA has a European health certification that certifies it to be free of viral haemorrhagic septicaemia (VHS), infectious hematopoietic necrosis (IHN), and infectious salmon anaemia (ISA). PEIMA is recognized to be free of other viral and bacterial diseases (infectious pancreatic necrosis (IPN), sleeping sickness, yersiniosis). To maintain this health status, PEIMA relies upon INRA’s health quality charter.

Establishing experiments on innovative production systems

PEIMA has set up a pilot RAS (recirculating aquaculture system) capable of reducing water requirements for salmonid production by 90%. This system is a future path to a European aquaculture that is sustainable and less dependent on the environment.

Biological material sampling

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