Selection for growth in brown tout (Prosper project)

Selection for growth in brown tout (Prosper project)

Scientific leader: M. Vandeputte (GenAqua)
Technical leaders: Laurent Labbé, Lionel Goardon, Lise-Anna Le Ven
Contact : Laurent Labbé

Start date: 1987      Planned duration: 20 years

INRA research unit partners

  • INRA - GA: GABI-GenAqua
  • INRA - PHASE: PEIMA: Maintenance of one of the two strains of the project and measurement of response to selection

Access conditions: Strain available in the framework of scientific collaborations with the INRA research units GABI on a case-by-case basis (material transfer agreement (MTA) regarding the use of animals and derived tissues or cells).


  • Test the feasibility and effectiveness of optimised field selection allowing the establishment of selection plans for fish growth in national SM Es
  • Describe responses in main animal production characteristics (growth, flesh quality, reproduction, feed-conversion ratio).

Experimental design

  • Two fario populations (G (Gournay) and H (Hardy)) established from previous testing of broodstock of various origins.
  • For each strain: maintenance of a control strain and establishment of a selected strain (selection pressure of a few per cent from repeated competition trials).
  • The selected G strain has been cryopreserved (5th generation of selection), and the control G strain is kept as the synthetic reference strain. The H strain (control and selected) was transferred to PEIMA after the first generations of selection. The 9th generation of selection is underway.

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