PEIMA is the only site where the aquacultural genetic resources of INRA are maintained, selected, and conserved. Its mission to disseminate them to other experimental units. Currently, PEIMA maintains:

  • 5 strains of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchusmykiss) distinguished by their dates of egg-laying, of which one species is Golden (dominant albinism)
  • 2 strains of rainbow trout diverging in muscle-fat content (7th generation of selection)
  • 3 strains of brown trout (Salmotrutta), of which 1 has been selected for the speed of growth (9th generation of selection underway)
  • 1 strain selected for its ability to ingest plant-based feed (3rd generation of selection underway)
  • 20 strains of homozygous rainbow trout
  • 1 strain of YY males and 1 line of neo-males (XX)

A mirror site has been developed at Lées Athas. PEIMA has a European health certification that certifies it to be free of viral haemorrhagic septicaemia (VHS) and infectious hematopoietic necrosis (IHN).

Golden trout
Rainbow trout
Brown trout
Brown trout select based on growth

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