The hatchery in the place where eggs and embryos are fertilised and incubated. This important phase of production, which lasts 45-55 days, requires strict hygiene. The use of spring water disinfected with UV light eliminates or decreases the stress of pathogens and strengthens the reliability and repeatability of results

Technical description

With the ability to simultaneously incubate 3.5 million eggs, the hatchery has adjustable compartments in which individual incubations (500 eggs) or mass incubations (45,000 eggs) can be performed. It has a thermal shock tank and a hyperbaric machine to create triploid. 20 wall troughs of 200 litres each that can hold 5 racks (10,000 eggs) or 40 individual incubators (1000 eggs); 3 vertical incubator (stacked-tray system) 12 tray with a capacity of 12,000 eggs each tray; 2 mass incubators (capacity of 450,000 eggs each)

Remote monitoring and control

Water level controlled 24/7

Water and environmental conditions


Filtered spring water at constant temperature disinfected with UV light before use; O2 at saturation; CO2 degassed mechanically (<à 5ppm/l)


Temperature range: 10-12°C


No superoxygenation system


Barrage du Drennec
29450 Sizun, France
Phone: +33 2 98 68 89 36
E-mail: Laurent.Labbe@rennes.inra.fr

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